Avee player pro Application Full details 2022

Hello hai everyone are you looking for the avee player pro then you are at the right place here we will see what is avee player and what are the uses of avee player. Also, we will see How to use avee player and the Features of avee player.
we will see how to make avee player templates and how to use the avee player templates on your mobile phone. So please follow the steps which are given below here you can understand full about avee player application and its many uses in detail. Also, I have given the avee player application link so you can download and use it.

what is avee player

avee player is one of the best music player applications which has 4 million downloads in the google play store. This application is very famous because this application has amazing visualizer effects which will create beautiful visual effects for the music we play in the avee player application.

this application is free and we have so many features to use and create visual effects while playing music. This application is very useful for creators to make beautiful Whatsapp status videos and reels youtube shorts visuals and many more.

avee player pro

avee player pro version is also available which is a paid membership where people will get more new features.

what are the uses of avee player pro

avee player is used in many ways the basic use is we can use it for playing the music on our phone. It will play all the songs present on our phone it is an offline application. we can also see the visual effects and graphics for our music using the avee player application.

avee player is very much useful for the video creators who will create beautiful WhatsApp status videos. using avee player pro application we can create avee player templates. these templates are very useful for making beautiful birthday and festival wishing videos on our phones.
we can also add the images and add colorful particles to images and make them beat according to the music which is very nice to see.

what is avee player pro application

avee player pro is avee player application that has some beautiful features and these features can be used only by the pro membership users. these pro features are

  • Users can export the video without ave a player watermark,
  • Full customization options are given for pro users’
  • Create your own visualizer’s effects and export them as a template
  • Customize the templates and create beautiful videos
avee player pro

Features of avee player pro

  • It is a very lightweight music player application
  • we can use avee player as a video player also
  • This app supports music .mp3,.mp4,.wav, etc
  • play music in this app in the background as a music player
  • we can create and save our own music playlists
  • the screen orientation lock is available
  • supports Bluetooth control
  • we can create and customize our own avee player template
  • visualizers and music videos can be shared on youtube and reels
  • SD, HD up to 4K video are supported in avee player
  • different frame rates like 20,25,30,50 and 60fps supported
  • video aspect ration of 16:9,4:9,21:10,9:16 is supported
  • we can add images, audio, png, and gif files
  • multiple layers of art can be added
  • it has equalizers and visualizers
  • we can listen to and stream audio from the internet also.
  • shortcuts were also added for fast music folders access

what is avee player template?

avee player template is a file that is used to make beautiful and amazing video visualizers effects. Using these avee player templates we can create mice videos for WhatsApp status and reels. these templates can be downloaded from AVEEBABA.IN website for free

How to use avee player templates

Download the avee player templates and then open the avee player application from your mobile phone and then import the template into your avee player application.Also see alight motion application for video and visual effects making

After customization export the templates into the beautiful video in avee player application