Top 20 amazing keyboard shortcuts for Android studio Full details

Hello, hi are you looking for the best Top 20 Amazing Keyboard Shortcuts for Android Studio then you are at the right place I will tell you something related to coding you are a beginner in code development then you need to do the coding very fastly. For doing the code very fastly you need to know some of the important shortcut keys so that you can do the coding fastly and quickly so this shortcut will help you to reduce the coding time.

Many of the freshers don’t know the shortcuts in the coding so in this article I’ll tell you the Top 20 Amazing Keyboard Shortcuts for Android Studio you can use these keyboard shortcuts and you can enhance the speed of coding and you can do your work very quickly.

Top 20 Amazing Keyboard Shortcuts for Android Studio

With help of the shortcut key, your working speed is increased compared to your normal speed. How to use all the shortcuts has been explained in a detailed video I have given that video link also you can watch the video and you can learn from the video as well. Before we talk about the shortcut keys we should suppose to know what is Android studio. Also, read how to make money online

Top 20+ amazing keyboard shortcuts for Android studio

What is Android Studio?

Android studio is one of the application development software which is used by windows IOS and many other platform users. Anyone creates their own application using this Android studio so this Studio which supports languages Java and Python supported the development of Android applications. You can download the Android Studio software from the link given here.

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Top 20+ Amazing Keyboard Shortcuts for Android Studio

Alt + Cmd + L: Used for Formatting all the code in the currently open class.
Ctrl + Alt + O: To Organise your imports, and remove anything unused.
Shift + Fn + F6: Rename all instances of the selected variable or method name. this shortcut can be used
Double Shift: Search everywhere. So you no need to open folders to find the files you’re looking for.
Cmd + Click: Go directly to the clicked class or method, variable.
Ctrl + Enter: Generate getters, setters, and constructors, among other things.
Cmd + W: Close the currently open file.
Ctrl + R: Run your app.
Cmd + Shift + T: can be used to Generate a test class for the currently open class.

Top 20 Amazing Keyboard Shortcuts for Android Studio in video

watch the below video for more details of the shortcuts and learn them for making the fast and better coding time. I will suggest you watch the full video and learn and try to implement it in your android studio so that you can learn these tricks very fast

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